Hello Everyone!

It's me Yugandhar Surya

The Coder 😜

Now You'll get to know something about me.

I am a student who studing in Vel Tech university 2nd year(3rd sem).

Let me tell you about my journey from 1st year of B-tech to till now.

When i came in this college i felt like where i am?? 🙄

Because this college is in South India and here everything was unknown for me. 😌

Now college starts and after all formalities i get into college. 😎

But after 5-6days something happened to me, i.e. I heared about a new language i.e. used to operate a computer system.😨

I didn't get anything till 2 to 3 month. I was asking to myself that what is happenig in my life??

Then i got some friends(Norbu,Abhinav) who helped me a lot to get out from that shit! Then i started learnig from YouTube.

After 1st sem I get to know how to WAP for sum of two numbers, But during 2nd sem i go through too many lectures and websites.

And now I can able to write codes and I'm so happy.🙂

If you also don't know about programming and wants to learn.

Follow these links

  1. C langauge HINDI ENGLISH
  2. C++ language HINDI ENGLISH

My Skills

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"Declare variables, not war"